ADITYA (Small-Large Lunael [Ethereal Sea/Natural World])

Defenses: See Tribal Traits
Skills: See Tribal Traits
Proficiencies: Fables, Philosophy

Tribal Trait: Choose a Tribal Trait that defines your particular tribe. You also take an additional hubris at 1st level as defined by your Tribal Trait. The Power Point awarded by this hubris is already spent on this racial ability (Hubris) [6]
Racial Edge [1]

  • Empathy

Languages: Common, Lunael [0]
Skills: 2 Heritage Ranks each to any 2 Affinity Skills available to this Clan [2]
Proficiencies: 2 Heritage Ranks each to any 2 Affinity Proficiencies available to this Clan [1]

Description: Adityas are quite physically diverse, averaging between two and nine feet tall with slight to brawny builds. They appear like a humanoid version of an avian, reptile, or amphibian of their chosen tribe, but can vary from more animal like in appearance to more human like but with some bestial features. Sometimes they can resemble other common humanoids with lands near theirs instead of Humans though. Their appearance can vary drastically depending on Tribe and animal, as well as Tribal Traits chosen.

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