The Calendars

The below calendars are used on all three planets of the Trinity, and some other worlds as well. A week consists of 10 days, and each months consists of 3 weeks. There are 12 months in each year, and 364 days in each year. The 4 extra days in each year are holidays celebrating the Solstices and Equinoxes, and occur adter every 3rd month. Every 4 years there is an additional holiday that occurs after the Winter’s Solstice, but before the first day of the new year.

Common Asgardian Olympian Our World
Deepsnow Morsugur (Marrow) Zeus January
Larderwatch Thorri (Frozen) Poseidon February
Frostmelt Lenzin (Wild) Ares March
Spring Equinox - - Spring Equinox
Rainfall Ostar (Dawn) Aphrodite April
Flowerbloom Winni (Pasture) Hermes May
Fairwinds Skerpla (Growth) Hera June
Summer Solstice - - Summer Solstice
Dogdays Sol (Sun) Apollo July
Battletide Heyannir (Hay) Athena August
Firstreaping Witu (Wood) Dionysus September
Fall Equinox - - Fall Equinox
Harvestend Haust (Harvest) Demeter October
Lasthunt Gor (Slaughter) Artemis November
Longnights Ylir (Yule) Hades December
Winter Solstice - - Winter Solstice
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