Character Building



This game uses a twenty-sided die to resolve actions during the game. References to “a die” or “the die” refer to a twenty-sided die unless stated otherwise. The die is often abbreviated “d20” (for twenty-sided die) or “1d20” (for one twenty-sided die). So a rule asking you to “roll d20” means, “roll a twenty-sided die.”


Modifiers to the die roll are specified like this: “+2,” meaning “You have +2 Advantage, roll a d6 Advantage die and add the result.” An abbreviation of “-4” means, “You have 4 Disadvantage, roll a d10 Disadvantage die and subtract the result.” For each rank of Advantage or Disadvantage you have, the Advantage die gets bigger, from a d4 to a d6, to a d8, to a d10, then to a d12.

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