A creature is created from one or more of the below templates being combined like a Halfling or stacked together. Creatures living in the same community often have the same Template and similar Qualities when there are options to choose from, though some communities might have members whose qualities vary wildly. The size range listed are for common members of that Creature Template, though uncommon members might be a size smaller or larger, and rare members, and sometimes even whole communities, could be up to two sizes smaller or larger. Creatures can have various and often unique cultures from community to community, though neighboring communities will often have common characteristics, and is why they are not included in the Creature Template descriptions.


Template Descended Plane Source
Beast Supernal Varies Seraph
Abomination Supernal Varies Lemure
Plant Celestial Varies Deva
Construct Celestial Varies Asura
Spirit Elemental Ethereal Sea Jotun
Horror Elemental Oblivion Vault Imp


Template Descended Plane Source
Agathoic Supernal Mirror World Fate
Nephilimish Supernal Mirror World Psionic
Lamiaic Supernal Dream World Dream
Feyish Celestial Other World Inspiration
Marutish Supernal Dream World Primal
Shadeic Celestial Under World Shadow
Giantish Elemental Nether World Order
Dragonish Celestial Other World Alchemy
Ifritic Elemental Else World Chaos


Template Descended Plane Source
Fatalistic Supernal Mirror World Fate
Psionic Supernal Mirror World Psionic
Dreamy Supernal Dream World Dream
Inspirational Celestial Other World Inspiration
Primal Supernal Dream World Primal
Shadowy Celestial Under World Shadow
Orderly Elemental Nether World Order
Alchemical Celestial Other World Alchemy
Chaotic Elemental Else World Chaos


Template Descended Plane Source
Supernal Divinitie Astral Sea Divine
Celestial Eternal Ethereal Sea Cosmic
Elemental Primordial Primordial Sea Elemental


Template Descended Plane Source
Angelic Supernal Heaven Divine
Elohimic Supernal Elysium Divine
Devilish Supernal Hell Divine
Aeonic Celestial Infinite Void Cosmic
Vasuish Celestial Infinite Void Cosmic
Daemonic Celestial Infinite Void Cosmic
Archonic Elemental The Concordance Elemental
Jinnish Elemental The Maelstrom Elemental
Demonic Elemental The Abyss Elemental


Template Descended Plane Source
Heavenly Supernal Heaven Divine
Paradisal Supernal Elysium Divine
Hellish Supernal Hell Divine
Cosmogonal Celestial Infinite Void Cosmic
Cosmological Celestial Infinite Void Cosmic
Cosmogonic Celestial Infinite Void Cosmic
Concordant Elemental The Concordance Elemental
Maelstromic Elemental The Maelstrom Elemental
Abyssal Elemental The Abyss Elemental

Awakened Spirit

Tribe Source Plane Source
Yokai Spirit Ethereal Sea Primal Spirits

Living Construct

Tribe Source Sources Source
Homunculi Construct Varies Varies


Size Mod Height Weight Space Reach Speed
Fine 4 < 6’’ < 1/8 lb 3’’ 6’’ 5’ [Rk -3]
Diminutive 3 6’’-1’ 1/8 lb-1 lb 6’’ 1’ 10’ [Rk -2]
Tiny 2 1’-2’ 1 lb-8 lb 1’ 2’ 15’ [Rk -1]
Small 1 2’-4’ 8 lb-60 lb 2’ 5’ 30’ [Rk 0]
Medium 0 4’-8’ 60 lb-500 lb 5’ 5’ 30’ [Rk 0]
Large 1 8’-16’ 500 lb-2 tons 10’ 5’ 30’ [Rk 0]
Huge 2 16’-32’ 2 tons-16 tons 15’ 10’ 60’ [Rk 1]
Gargantuan 3 32’-64’ 16 tons-125 tons 30’ 15’ 120’ [Rk 2]
Colossal 4 > 64’ > 125 tons 60’ 30’ 250’ [Rk 3]
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