Down On Creach Row


Tristian-7 (Logan) O Gearling Archivist (Fate Defender)
Ruwseven (Adam) O Gearling Scout (Martial Expert)
Nicolai "The Night Fairy" Yodo (Nightwing) (Jake) M Feyn Assassin (Fate Striker)
Wingback "An Imp Named Wingback" (Jeffrey) M Imp Elementalist (Elemental Striker)
Nitroglycerin "Nitro" Kaboom (Zoe) F Bogglen Saboteur (Invention Controller)
Arvia Frai (Zoe) F Dwarf Archivist (Fate Defender)
Sebastian (Jay) M Yaksha (Basta Tribe) Druid (Primal Expert)
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