Clan Type Plane Origin
Dragorn Mortal Primordial Sea Jann
Kobold Mortal Natural World Dragorn
Troglodyte Mortal Natural World Dragorn
Drayven Mortal Natural World Dragorn
Visha Mortal Nether World Kobold
Dakini Mortal Nether World Troglodyte
Naga Mortal Nether World Drayven
Peri Mortal Else World Kobold
Div Mortal Else World Troglodyte
Sila Mortal Else World Drayven


The Draconics are one of the nine Tribes of Mortals created by the nine Clans of lesser Immortals in the final years of the Dawn War. The Dragorn, the first of the Draconic Clans, were created by the Jann in the Primordial sea, the plane that connects all of the Elemental Tempest. The Dawn War came to an abrupt end with an event that came to be known as the Sundering, when the first mortal was killed on the soil of the Natural World.

The Primal Spirits of the Ethereal Sea, the plane that connects all of the Worlds of the Celestial Opposition and is sometimes referred to as the Spirit World, tore through the Celestial Echos wailing a furious dirge, and unleashing their wrath. Everything changed in that moment including the Dragorns who had migrated to the Natural World, some became the first Dragons, beings much more powerful than the Dragorns they had been before. Others simply changed into something different than before, these were the first Kobolds, Troglodytes, and Drayvens. Eventually some of the Dragons became so powerful they began demanding tributes and worship, and they changed yet again, becoming the first Wyrms, God like beings, many of which now reside back in the Primordial Sea. In there thirst for more power they sent their minions out to spy and wage war on neighboring Echoes.

Kobolds, Troglodytes, and Drayvens sent to Purgatory, the Celestial Echo of Order and Enlightenment, also known as the Nether World or Nether Realm, became the creatures now known as Vishas, Dakinis, and Nagas. Those who were sent to Limbo, the Celestial Echo of Chaos and Madness, also known as the Else World or Outer Verse, became the creatures now known as Peris, Divs, and Silas.

Religion: Many Draconics still worship the Primordials, the Creators of the beings who would eventually create their own creators. Ancestor worship is also quite popular among Draconic Clans, leading to some of the more legendary ancestors ascending to godhood, becoming new Wyrms. Some choose to worship the Primal Spirits, but very few choose to worship Divinities or Eternals.
Language: The Draconic language is descended from Elemental, which itself descended from Primordial, and all share the same runic alphabet. Dragorns and Dragons speak Draconic, while Kobolds, Troglodytes, and Drayvens will typically speak Koboldi, a more crude version of Draconic. The other Clans of Draconic tend to speak either.
Names: Draconic sounds like a mix of Aryan, Greek, Semitic, and Celtic Languages, so names taken from those language groups are all appropriate. Surnames are typically two words combined that have significant meaning to that family. Some Draconics will go by the Common pronunciation of their surname when not in their homelands.
Adventurers: Draconic adventurers tend to be a mix of those who did not fit in back in their homelands, or were forced to leave for various reasons. Others may be looking for treasure, adventure, or vengeance, and will hire themselves out as mercenaries frequently. Draconics are known for being aloof but ferocious companions.
Relations: Some Draconics are short lived compared to other Clans, but all have long memories, particularly where their enemies are concerned. Most of them do not need food and water the way other Clans do, which is why they can make their homes in such inhospitable places. They do covet treasure though, leading to them being frequent raiders.
Dragorn: They are a very proud people, and can be very aggressive neighbors, but also staunch allies under the right circumstances.
Kobold: They can be quiet and reclusive neighbors unless whipped into a frenzy by something or someone else, in which case they can become a relentless force.
Troglodyte: They are a very reclusive people and tend to live in very remote locations, but will sometimes raid their neighbors for various reasons.
Drayven: They are proud and like their solitude, but will defend their territory fiercely against uninvited intruders and will often keep a watchful eye on their neighbors.
Visha: They do not often build kingdoms of their own, but instead live among the other Draconics, often serving as spies and assassins.
Dakini: They tend to be peaceful neighbors, unless provoked, at which point they become viscous and unrelenting enemies.
Naga: They are often an aggressive and highly territorial neighbor, always seeking to expand their empires at their neighbors expense.
Peri: They are often quite peaceful preferring to live in seclusion, but can be mischievous neighbors, particularly when angered.
Div: They are a contrarian and unpredictable neighbor, often aggressive and territorial, frequently raiding their neighbors for sport.
Sila: They are a secretive people, but rarely create kingdoms of their own instead living among other Draconics or hidden amongst other Clans.

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