GHOST (Small-Large Yokai)

CLAN AFFINITIES (Wandering Soul Spirit)
Defenses: See Untethered Soul
Skills: See Untethered Soul
Proficiencies: See Untethered Soul

Manifest: You can manifest your Ectoplasmic Form instantly on either the Spirit World or the World, with up to 50 lbs. (mass rank 0) of additional material. Each time you use this effect, it loses 1 rank of effectiveness (Movement 1, Dimensional Travel [Spirit World and the World], Fades) [1]
Drive Domain: Once per day pick a specific familial blood line, location, or course of action, this location and the area surrounding it, or anyone of the bloodline chosen and the area immediately surrounding them, or a location and anyone connected to your chosen course of action and the area immediately surrounding them is considered your Drive Domain which grants you many advantages (Enhanced Edges 1 (x2), Favored Terrain: Drive Domain, Favored Enemy: Anyone harming Descendent, Location chosen, or interfering with chosen course of action Limited: While in Drive Domain) [1]
Ectoplasmic Form: You are naturally a noticeably incorporeal Spirit, but may form a corporeal form made of translucent ectoplasmic goo, known as your Ectoplasmic Form. Each time you use this effect, it loses 4 ranks of effectiveness (Insubstantial 4 [Incorporeal], Fades 4 [Loses 4 ranks of effect with each use], Noticeable [Look like Soul as seen in the Spirit World], Check Required 1 [Easy, DC 10], Permanent 0 [Becomes natural form until next use]) [1]
Power from Drive: You recover quickly from damage as long as you are in your Drive Domain (Regeneration, Source [Drive Domain]) [1]
Untethered Soul: You have the same level and Clan abilities you died with, but become a spirit and add on the additional Clan abilities found here [10]
Already Dead: You are able to survive wounds that would fell the living (Immunity, Critical Hits 2, Quirk: You give off a noticeable chill) [1]
Undead Spirit: You are immune to many things that affect organic beings (Immunity, Disease 1, Poison 1, Sleep 1, Suffocation 1, Heat 1, Cold 1) [6]
Maintain Ectoplasmic Form: You age at a slower rate, and have a longer lifespan, but also heal from damage slower. In addition, you gain Resistance against Aging and Healing effects unless they Affect Undead. You must also perform daily maintenance or suffer disadvantage per day missed (Immunity, Aging 1, Healing 1, Half Effect, Activation [Short Rest to Reform Ectoplasmic Form], Check Required [Easy, DC 10, repair damage as if Healed], Quirk 2 [If missed or check failed, suffer 1 disadvantage per day, and lose Corporeal form]) [-6]
Immortal: You can not be killed by ordinary means while your Drive Domain remains, but instead will reawaken in your Incorporeal form in your Drive Domain in the Spirit World after a time, and unable to leave right away (Immortality 1, Limited: Always reawakens in Drive Domain after death, Quirk: Cannot leave Drive Domain until an amount of time equal to be revived, Quirk: Loses ability if Drive Domain destroyed) [0]
Iron Sensitivity: You gain Sensitivity against Iron (Vulnerability, Iron 2, Half Effect) [-1]
Racial Edges [-4]

  • Benefit (Negative): Your Allegiance Complication is to the source of your Drive Domain, you are compelled to interact with it, but do not gain Destiny for doing so [-1]
  • Favored Environment (Negative): Broad 1, Anywhere not your Drive Domain [-2]
  • Quirk (Obsession): Choose an obsession related to you past life and a Hubris or Complication to represent it, once per day this quirk can be activated as if it was a Hubris, counts as food and water [-1]

Languages: See Untethered Soul
Skills: See Untethered Soul
Proficiencies: See Untethered Soul

Description: Ghosts are quite physically diverse, appearing exactly as the soul of their original body did just after death, though slightly less transparent, but noticeably more solid while using Ectoplasmic Form.

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