GREMLIN (Small-Medium Efreet [Else World/Other World])

Defenses: Fortitude
Skills: Athletics (Str), Concentration (Sta), Endurance (Sta), Ingenuity (Int), Might (Str), Recall (Int)
Proficiencies: Engineering, Artistry, Build

Visual: Dark Sight (Senses, Dark Vision 1, Noticeable -1 [Solid Chromatic Third Eyelid that seems to glow to others with Dark Sight when using Dark Sight], Sustained) [1]
Highlander: You can either make prodigious leaps, far more than even a skilled athlete or climb faster (Leaping 1 [Rank -1] or Movement, Wall Crawling 1, Limited [No Ceilings]) [1]
Longevity: Once you reach maturity you age at a slower rate, and have a longer lifespan. In addition, you gain Resistance against Aging effects (Immunity, Aging 1, Half Effect) [1/2]
Yearning: Rather than eat or drink, you can focus on exercising, sweating, fighting, or destruction. You need half as much food or water as other races to gain the same benefits. In addition, you gain Resistance against Hunger or Thirst effects (Immunity, Starvation and Thirst 1, Half Effect) [1/2]
Inspired Mutation: 1 Power Point to spend on an additional Movement or Offense Power. Your appearance is always affected by your chosen Inspired Mutation and should have the Noticeable Flaw [1]
Territorial Mutations: Choose 2 Territorial Mutations that define you, each from a different Environment type and offering particular benefit options. Your appearance is always affected by your chosen mutations. You also take an additional hubris at 1st level from one of those suggested by your Native Environment or Highlands. The Power Point awarded by this hubris is already spent on this racial ability (Hubris) [1]
Racial Edges [2]

  • Emphasis
  • Specialization (Melee Weapons)

Variations: Some Gremlins are more bizarre and startling than others, gaining an additional 1 power point to spend on either their Inspired or Territorial Mutations but also gain the negative Racial Edge below [0]

  • Benefit (Startling): You suffer -1 Disadvantage to interactions with creatures who are not from the Efreeti Tribe [-1]

Languages: Common, Orcish or Efreeti [0]
Skills: 2 Heritage Ranks each to any 2 Affinity Skills available to this Clan [2]
Proficiencies: 2 Heritage Ranks each to any 2 Affinity Proficiencies available to this Clan [1]

Description: Gremlins average between two and five feet tall with sinewy to brawny builds, and skin and hair shades much like humans, though typically with a bluish, grayish, or greenish tinge and can vary drastically depending on territorial adaptations, and eye colors of violet, grey, red, or yellow typically, that glow purple, silver, red, or gold when using their Dark Sight. Gremlins also have short pointy ears and flattened noses with large nostrils and wide mouths with tusks. Gremlins tend to have various features depending on their Territorial and Inspired Mutations. Facial and body hair can average from none to thick.

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