The Immortal Clans

The below Clans of Greater Immortals, Gods and Cosmic Horrors are not suitable for play by Player Characters, only the ones simply marked Immortals are. Clan members living in the same community often have similar Qualities when there are options to choose from, though some communities might have members whose qualities vary wildly. The size range listed are for common members of that Clan, though uncommon members might be a size smaller or larger, and rare members, and sometimes even whole communities, could be up to two sizes smaller or larger.


Clan Tribe Plane Creator
Seraph Supernal Heaven Angel
Erelim Supernal Elysium Elohim
Imp Supernal Hell Devil
Deva Celestial Infinite Void Aeon
Vidyahara Celestial Infinite Void Vasu
Asura Celestial Infinite Void Daemon
Jotun Elemental The Concordance Archon
Jann Elemental The Maelstrom Jinn
Mephit Elemental The Abyss Demon

Greater Immortal

Clan Tribe Plane Creator
Angel Supernal Heaven Divinity
Elohim Supernal Elysium Divinity
Devil Supernal Hell Divinity
Aeon Celestial Infinite Void Eternal
Vasu Celestial Infinite Void Eternal
Daemon Celestial Infinite Void Eternal
Archon Elemental The Concordance Primordial
Jinn Elemental The Maelstrom Primordial
Demon Elemental The Abyss Primordial


Clan Tribe Plane Creator
Divinity Supernal The Supernal Opposition The First
Eternal Celestial The Celestial Harmony The First
Primordial Elemental The Elemental Tempest The First

Cosmic Horror

Tribe Source Plane Creator
Shoggoth Horror The Oblivion Vault Eldritch Horror
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