Clan Type Plane Origin
Lare Mortal Mirror World Seraph
Grigori Mortal Mirror World Lare
Elioud Mortal Mirror World Lare
Malakim Mortal Mirror World Lare
Pythia Mortal Other World Grigori
Mousai Mortal Other World Elioud
Maenad Mortal Other World Malakim
Moirai Mortal Nether World Grigori
Charite Mortal Nether World Elioud
Erinye Mortal Nether World Malakim


The Inevitables are one of the nine Tribes of Mortals created by the nine Clans of lesser Immortals in the final years of the Dawn War. The Lares, the first of the Inevitable Clans, were created by the Seraphs in Gehenna, the Celestial Echo of Fate and Time, also known as the Mirror World or Fate Watch. The Dawn War came to an abrupt end with an event that came to be known as the Sundering, when the first mortal was killed on the soil of the Natural World.

The Primal Spirits of the Ethereal Sea, the plane that connects all of the Worlds of the Celestial Opposition and is sometimes referred to as the Spirit World, tore through the Celestial Echos wailing a furious dirge, and unleashing their wrath. Everything changed in that moment including the Lares, some became the first Agathos, beings much more powerful than the Lares they had been before. Others simply changed into something different than before, these were the first Grigoris, Eliouds, and Malakims. Eventually some of the Agathos became so powerful they began demanding tributes and worship, and they changed yet again, becoming the first Agustis, God like beings who now rule over the Mirror World. In there thirst for more knowledge they sent their minions out to observe and learn about the neighboring Echoes.

Grigoris, Eliouds, and Malakims sent to Arcadia, the Celestial Echo of Life and Creation, also known as the Other World or Dawn Wild, became the creatures now known as Pythias, Mousais, and Maenads. Those who were sent to Purgatory, the Celestial Echo of Order and Enlightenment, also known as the Nether World or Nether Realm, became the creatures now known as Moirais, Charites, and Erinyes.

Religion: Some Inevitables still worship the Divinities, the Creators of the beings who would eventually create their own creators. Ancestor worship is also common among Inevitable Clans, leading to some of the more legendary ancestors ascending to godhood, becoming new Agustis. Some choose to worship other beings such as the Primal Spirits or Old Ones.
Language: The Inevitable language is descended from Supernal, which itself descended from Divine, and all share the same scripted alphabet. Lares and Agathos often speak Inevitable, while Grigoris, Eliouds, and Malakims will typically speak Grigorian, a less ancient version of Inevitable. The other Clans of Inevitable tend to speak either.
Names: Inevitable sounds like a mix of Germanic, Greek, Semitic, and Celtic Languages, so names taken from those language groups are all appropriate. Surnames can come from any number of sources, sometimes it could be your profession, or where you were born, or even parentage.
Adventurers: Inevitable adventurers are driven by their destinies, even if that means they are trying to outrun it. Some feel the pull of Destiny steering them to a life of adventure, or perhaps a quest, others take to adventure to try and escape Destiny. Inevitables are known for being somewhat dangerous companions due to the constant pull of Fate around them, though their friendship can be quite rewarding for those who survive.
Relations: Inevitables are naturally long lived, each with a preordained though sometimes unclear destiny. They rarely build kingdoms of their own, and they tend to be smaller ones when they do, preferring instead to live as nomads or hidden among the kingdoms of others.
Lare: They are a curious and patient people and make helpful neighbors, often becoming attached to a particular family or bloodline, assisting them over the years as they can.
Grigori: They are a gregarious and colorful people always on the move preferring life as a traveler, their caravans rarely staying in one place too long, as trouble often follows along with them.
Elioud: They are a pragmatic and sometimes dour people preferring to live their nomadic lives away from others, and often weary of strangers they do meet, but helpful to those they feel deserve their aid.
Malakim: They are a proud and enigmatic people traveling to where they feel they are needed most, guided by destiny to often troubled lands, siding with those they feel deserve their assistance.
Pythia: They are a private people preferring to live in relative seclusion, though often not too far from other kingdoms, who will sometimes seek them out for their guidance.
Mousai: They are an erudite people preferring to build their kingdoms in hidden inspiring places isolated from others, but will often venture out in small groups to experience the lands outside their own.
Maenad: They are an exuberant people preferring to build their kingdoms in the wild lands others might avoid, they prefer a carefree life and rarely interfere in the affairs of their neighbors.
Moirai: They are a clandestine people preferring to live in relative isolation, though they can be helpful to those who seek them out and that they judge worthy, otherwise they choose to not get involved unless the natural order has been disturbed.
Charite: They are a gracious people who prefer to build their kingdoms in harmony with nature, peaceful towards their neighbors and welcoming towards strangers, always preferring to see the good in people hoping it will lead to more kindness in the future.
Erinye: They are a judgmental people who prefer to live in hiding among others or to monitor the affairs of their neighbors from their own small kingdoms, meting out punishment when they feel it necessary.

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