Clan Type Plane Origin
Rakshasa Mortal Ethereal Sea Vidyahara
Daitya Mortal Natural World Rakshasa
Aditya Mortal Natural World Rakshasa
Danava Mortal Natural World Rakshasa
Yaksha Mortal Dream World Daitya
Apsara Mortal Dream World Aditya
Guhyaka Mortal Dream World Danava
Eidolon Mortal Mirror World Daitya
Ankou Mortal Mirror World Aditya
Bhuta Mortal Mirror World Danava


The Lunaels are one of the nine Tribes of Mortals created by the nine Clans of lesser Immortals in the final years of the Dawn War. The Rakshasa, the first of the Lunael Clans, were created by the Vidyahara in the Ethereal sea, the plane that connects all of the Worlds of the Celestial Opposition and is sometimes referred to as the Spirit World. The Dawn War came to an abrupt end with an event that came to be known as the Sundering, when the first mortal was killed on the soil of the Natural World.

The Primal Spirits of the Ethereal Sea tore through the Celestial Echos wailing a furious dirge, and unleashing their wrath. Everything changed in that moment including the Rakshasas both those who stayed behind and those who had been banished to the Natural World, some of those who stayed behind became the first Maruts, beings much more powerful than the Rakshasas they had been before. Others among those on the Natural World simply changed into something different than before, these were the first Daityas, Adityas, and Danavas. Eventually some of the Maruts became so powerful they began demanding tributes and worship, and they changed yet again, becoming the first Rudras, God like beings, many of which now reside back in the Ethereal Sea. In there thirst for more power they sent their minions out to explore and hunt on neighboring Echoes.

Daityas, Adityas, and Danavas sent to Archeron, the Celestial Echo of Dreams and Desires, also known as the Dream World or Dream Heart, became the creatures now known as Yakshas, Apsaras, and Guhyakas. Those who were sent to Gehenna, the Celestial Echo of Fate and Time, also known as the Mirror World or Fate Watch, became the creatures now known as Eidolons, Ankous, and Bhutas.

Religion: Many Lunaels choose to worship their Ancestors, leading to some of the more legendary ancestors ascending to godhood, becoming new Rudras. Others choose to worship the Primal Spirits, while some still worship the Celestials, the Creators of the beings who would eventually create their own creators. Some choose to worship other beings like the Primordials, Divinities, or the Old Ones.
Language: The Lunael language is descended from Celestial, which itself descended from Eternal, and all share the same glyphed alphabet. All the Lunael races speak Lunael.
Names: Lunael sounds like a mix of Greek, Aryan, Celtic, and Semitic Languages, so names taken from those language groups are all appropriate. Surnames are typically two words combined that have significant meaning to that family, other times it could be your profession, or where you were born, or even parentage. Occasionally Lunaels will go by the Common pronunciation of their surname, sometimes even their given name, when not in their homelands.
Adventurers: Lunael adventurers are as diverse as the various Tribes. Some may be looking for adventure, some glory, some for completely different reasons all their own. Lunaels are known for being skilled and quite often fearsome companions.
Relations: Some Lunaels are short lived compared to other Clans, but often vary wildly in their thoughts and desires depending on the Tribe. They tend to settle in places with abundant food supplies, but can be found in remote regions as well.
Rakshasa: They are a diverse people, always looking to expand their territory, using trickery and subterfuge when necessary, will attempt to infiltrate other nations and take them over when their numbers are few.
Daitya: They can vary drastically depending on the Tribe, though typically territorial and not afraid of a fight.
Aditya: They can vary drastically depending on the Tribe, with many being peaceful, while others can be more aggressive neighbors.
Danava: They can vary drastically depending on the Tribe, but most are highly aggressive and territorial.
Yaksha: They can vary drastically depending on the Tribe, and some might identify more with their animal side than their humanoid one, either will aggressively defend their territory.
Apsara: They can vary drastically depending on the Tribe, and some might identify more with their animal side than their humanoid one, many are ideal neighbors, while others can be more problematic.
Guhyaka: They can vary drastically depending on the Tribe, and some might identify more with their animal side than their humanoid one, but all can make for intimidating and fearsome neighbors regardless of their true nature.
Eidolon: They are a secretive people who generally prefer to hide their true nature from others even when living amongst themselves, but especially when living amongst other Clans as spies and operatives.
Ankou: They prefer to live in isolation, posing as other people, very rarely creating kingdoms of their own, though not entirely unheard of.
Bhuta: They like to make their home in desolate regions discouraging most intruders, though some do enjoy life hidden among other Clans.

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