The Mortal Clans

The below Clans of Greater and Ascendant Mortals are not suitable for play by Player Characters. Clan members living in the same community often have similar Qualities when there are options to choose from, though some communities might have members whose qualities vary wildly. The size range listed are for common members of that Clan, though uncommon members might be a size smaller or larger, and rare members, and sometimes even whole communities, could be up to two sizes smaller or larger.


Tribe Descended Plane Creator Common Kinds
Inevitable Supernal Mirror World Seraph Grigori, Elioud, Malakim
Edem Supernal Astral Sea Erelim Human, Hauflin, Anakim
Somnium Supernal Dream World Lemure Ogre, Mara, Beldam
Sidereal Celestial Other World Deva Elf, Alfar, Vaettir
Lunael Celestial Ethereal Sea Vidyahara Daitya, Aditya, Danava
Umbral Celestial Under World Asura Goblin, Bugbear, Hob
Gargant Elemental Nether World Nephilim Dwarf, Firbolg, Troll
Draconic Elemental Primordial Sea Jann Kobold, Troglodyte, Drayven
Efreet Elemental Else World Imp Orc, Gremlin, Norog

Greater Mortal

Clan Tribe Plane Origin
Agatho Inevitable Mirror World Lare
Nephilim Edem Astral Sea Ishim
Lamia Somnium Dream World Lilin
Fey Sidereal Other World Feyn
Marut Lunael Ethereal Sea Rakshasa
Shade Umbral Under World Shadai
Giant Gargant Nether World Gant
Dragon Draconic Primordial Sea Dragorn
Ifrit Efreet Else World Afarit


Clan Tribe Plane Origin
Agusti Inevitable Mirror World Agatho
Shedim Edem Astral Sea Nephilim
Abyzou Somnium Dream World Lamia
Sidhe Sidereal Other World Fey
Rudra Lunael Ethereal Sea Marut
Sluagh Umbral Under World Shade
Titan Gargant Nether World Giant
Wyrm Draconic Primordial Sea Dragon
Shaytan Efreet Else World Ifrit

Awakened Spirit

Tribe Source Plane Creator
Yokai Spirit Ethereal Sea Primal Spirits

Soul Spirit

Tribe Source Plane Creator
Soul Spirit Ethereal Sea Primal Spirits

Living Construct

Tribe Source Sources Creator
Homunculi Construct Varies Varies
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