The Seas

The below Seas are for Thoryn, the first World, the Seas for Atheiron and Kaevran can be found in links on their respective pages.

Sea of Sorrows

Borders Soria, Arzadi, Xihon, and Broven

Sea of Mists

Borders Soria, Broven, and Loreth

Sea of Dreams

Borders Aria, Arzadi, and Aolus

Sea of Horrors

Borders Xihon, Anuac, Aolus, and Arzadi

Sea of Blades

Borders Loreth, Aria, and Jokirri

Sea of Shards

Borders Aolus, Anuac, Jokirri, and Aria

Sea of Storms

Borders Broven and Loreth

Sea of Stars

Borders Loreth, Jokirri, and Anuac

Sea of Shadows

Borders Loreth and Anuac

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