Clan Type Plane Origin
Feyn Mortal Other World Deva
Elf Mortal Other World Feyn
Alfar Mortal Other World Feyn
Vaettir Mortal Other World Feyn
Gnome Mortal Nether World Elf
Brounie Mortal Nether World Alfar
Tomte Mortal Nether World Vaettir
Pixie Mortal Dream World Elf
Faun Mortal Dream World Alfar
Nymph Mortal Dream World Vaettir


The Sidereals are one of the nine Tribes of Mortals created by the nine Clans of lesser Immortals in the final years of the Dawn War. The Feyn, the first of the Sidereal Clans, were created by the Deva in Arcadia, the Celestial Echo of Life and Creation, also known as the Other World or Dawn Wild. The Dawn War came to an abrupt end with an event that came to be known as the Sundering, when the first mortal was killed on the soil of the Natural World.

The Primal Spirits of the Ethereal Sea, the plane that connects all of the Worlds of the Celestial Opposition and is sometimes referred to as the Spirit World, tore through the Celestial Echos wailing a furious dirge, and unleashing their wrath. Everything changed in that moment including the Feyns, some became the first Feys, beings much more powerful than the Feyns they had been before. Others simply changed into something different than before, these were the first Elfs, Alfars, and Vaettirs. Eventually some of the Feys became so powerful they began demanding tributes and worship, and they changed yet again, becoming the first Sidhes, God like beings who now rule over the Other World. In their thirst for excitement they sent their minions out to explore and spy on neighboring Echoes.

Elfs, Alfars, and Vaettirs sent to Purgatory, the Celestial Echo of Order and Enlightenment, also known as the Nether World or Nether Realm, became the creatures now known as Gnomes, Brounies, and Tomtes. Those who were sent to Archeron, the Celestial Echo of Dreams and Desires, also known as the Dream World or Dream Heart, became the creatures now known as Pixies, Fauns, and Nymphs.

Religion: Many Sidereals choose to worship their Ancestors, leading to some of the more legendary ancestors ascending to godhood, becoming new Sidhes. Some still worship the Celestials, the Creators of the beings who would eventually create their own creators. Others choose to worship the Primal Spirits, or other beings like the Divinities, Rudras, or Primordials.
Language: The Sidereal language is descended from Celestial, which itself descended from Eternal, and all share the same glyphed alphabet. Feyn and Fey speak Sidereal, while Elfs, Alfars, and Vaettirs will typically speak Elven, a less archaic version of Sidereal. The other Clans of Sidereal tend to speak either.
Names: Sidereal sounds like a mix of Germanic, Celtic, Greek, and Aryan Languages, so names taken from those language groups are all appropriate. Surnames are typically two words combined that have significant meaning to that family, other times it could be your profession, or where you were born, or even parentage. Occasionally Sidereals will go by the Common pronunciation of their surname when not in their homelands.
Adventurers: Sidereal adventurers typically do so out of boredom or wanderlust, though some might do so as some sort of quest or mission. Some may be looking for entertainment and adventure, some for glory, or maybe some kind of personal vendetta. Sidereals are known for being skilled and entertaining though somewhat unpredictable companions.
Relations: Sidereals are long lived and enjoy learning through out their lives, and are peaceful neighbors, though some times aloof. They tend to settle in places they find inspiring, that they will defend fiercely from those who would do it harm
Feyn: They are a proud though private people, preferring to live in harmony with the wilderness than to dominate it, their kingdoms are often remote and hidden, their neighbors only knowing of them through whispers and half forgotten tales.
Elf: They prefer to live among the beauty of nature, settling around features they find pleasing, often helpful in nature, but can hold grudges for a long time and can be quite protective of their borders.
Alfar: They prefer to be left alone and prefer to live in remote wilderness locales, while not aggressive towards their neighbors, they are very wary of interlopers and will fiercely defend their borders.
Vaettir: They can be very aloof, typically building their kingdoms in hard to reach natural locales, and generally ignore neighboring kingdoms unless forced to act, but due so swiftly and decisively once they feel they must.
Gnome: They can be found in all sorts of places, and can live peacefully and hidden, often within the kingdoms of others in pockets of rarely used wilderness, while not aggressive, they can be fierce when defending their homes.
Brounie: They are a curious folk and prefer to live near or hidden amongst the kingdoms of others, enjoying being helpful to those they feel deserve it, but can become a dangerous neighbor when angered.
Tomte: They tend to be eccentric and prone to the occasional mishap, preferring to build their kingdoms in more defensible locations, but can be very helpful neighbors and great trade partners if treated fairly.
Pixie: They are a mischievous people who generally prefer to keep their kingdoms hidden, but do enjoy playing what they call pranks on those who wonder into their midst, these pranks will often dissuade others from also entering.
Faun: They are a fun loving people, but often wary of outsiders who enter their kingdoms, watching them in secret to determine their intent before acting, slow to anger, but fierce defenders once riled.
Nymph: They are an elusive and generally peaceful people, preferring to keep their presence hidden from outsiders, preferring to use the forces of nature to protect their kingdoms than outright combat

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