Tribes and Clans

The Tribes of Mortals and their Creators

The below Clans are those suitable for play by Player Characters. Clan members living in the same community often have similar Qualities when there are options to choose from, though some communities might have members whose qualities vary wildly. The size range listed are for common members of that Clan, though uncommon members might be a size smaller or larger, and rare members, and sometimes even whole communities, could be up to two sizes smaller or larger. Clans can have various and often unique cultures from community to community, though neighboring communities will often have common characteristics, and is why they are not included in the Clans descriptions. All Racial Traits are considered Innate for free, while Cultural Traits are learned, and can be taken by members of other Clans instead of their own Cultural Traits if desired and appropriate for their background. It is not uncommon for some members or even communities of a Clan to be known by different names depending on the location.


Supernal Supernal Supernal Celestial Celestial Celestial Elemental Elemental Elemental
Seraph Erelim Imp Deva Vidyahara Asura Jotun Jann Mephit


Inevitable Edem Somnium Sidereal Lunael Umbral Gargant Draconic Efreet
Lare Ishim Lilin Feyn Rakshasa Shadai Gant Dragorn Afarit
Grigori Human Ogre Elf Daitya Goblin Dwarf Kobold Orc
Elioud Hauflin Mara Alfar Aditya Bugbear Firbolg Troglodyte Nokken
Malakim Anakim Beldam Vaettir Danava Hob Troll Drayven Norog
Pythia Emite Graeae Gnome Yaksha Bogglen Duergar Visha Leshy
Mousai Raphaim Sirin Brounie Apsara Pooka Vala Dakini Gremlin
Maenad Amorite Gorgo Tomte Guhyaka Spriggan Powrie Naga Formorian
Moirai Houri Hulda Pixie Eidolon Bauchan Disir Peri Qarin
Charite Yazata Rusalka Faun Ankou Dhampir Norn Div Marid
Erinye Voror Vila Nymph Bhuta Lampad Ettin Sila Athach


Inevitable Edem Somnium Sidereal Lunael Umbral Gargant Draconic Efreet
Kere Acrolith Tulpa Changeling Chimera Revenant Golem Gargoyle Draugr


Soul Soul Soul
Ghost Phantom Spectre


Size Mod Height Weight Space Reach Speed
Fine -4 < 6’’ < 1/8 lb 3’’ 6’’ 5’ [Rk -3]
Diminutive -3 6’’-1’ 1/8 lb-1 lb 6’’ 1’ 10’ [Rk -2]
Tiny -2 1’-2’ 1 lb-8 lb 1’ 2’ 15’ [Rk -1]
Small -1 2’-4’ 8 lb-60 lb 2’ 5’ 30’ [Rk 0]
Medium 0 4’-8’ 60 lb-500 lb 5’ 5’ 30’ [Rk 0]
Large 1 8’-16’ 500 lb-2 tons 10’ 5’ 30’ [Rk 0]
Huge 2 16’-32’ 2 tons-16 tons 15’ 10’ 60’ [Rk 1]
Gargantuan 3 32’-64’ 16 tons-125 tons 30’ 15’ 120’ [Rk 2]
Colossal 4 > 64’ > 125 tons 60’ 30’ 250’ [Rk 3]
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