TROGLODYTE (Medium-Large Draconic [Primordial Sea/Natural World])

Defenses: Fortitude
Skills: Athletics (Str), Composure (Wis), Concentration (Sta), Endurance (Sta), Might (Str), Survival (Wis)
Proficiencies: Nature, Compete, An Expertise

Visual: Heat Sight (Infravision, Extended 1, Noticeable 1 [Slitted Eyes, seem to glow when using Infravision]) [1]
Olfactory: Dragon Scent (Acute, Ranged, Noticeable 1 [Large Snout]) [1]
Nauseating Scent: You can sicken creatures around you by making a close attack. The target resists with Fortitude defense, and if failed is inflicted with the Impaired, Disabled, or Incapacitated conditions per degrees of failure (Affliction 1, Area: Close Burst 1 [R -3, 3 ft], Sense Dependent: Olfactory) [1]
Fury: You gain a Natural Attack from those listed. Your appearance is affected by your chosen Natural Attack [1]
Draconic Movement: Fins and gills that allow you to swim fast and breath underwater (Swimming 1 [Rank 0], Feature [Gills], Fins) [1]
Scaley Hide: You’re thick hide is covered in hardened scales making you very tough (Enhanced Toughness 1, Noticeable [Thick Scales], Permanent) [1]
Alchemical Blood: You recover quickly from damage as long as you are in contact with your Primary Element (Regeneration 1, Source [Primary Element]) [1]
Alchemical Nature: Choose one Element as your primary Element, you gain Resistance to Effects with those descriptors. Choose one of the remaining elements as your inferior Element, you suffer Sensitivity to Effects with those descriptors. Your appearance is affected by your chosen primary Element. You must take an additional hubris at 1st level from one of those suggested by your Primary Element, or either Greedy or Lecherous. The Power Point awarded by this hubris is already spent on racial abilities (Hubris) [-1]
Racial Edges [1]

  • Prone Fighting

Languages: Common, Koboldi [0]
Skills: 2 Heritage Ranks each to any 2 Affinity Skills available to this Clan [2]
Proficiencies: 2 Heritage Ranks each to any 2 Affinity Proficiencies available to this Clan [1]

Description: Troglodytes average between five and eight feet tall with sinewy to brawny builds, and are covered in scales, the color of which is dependent on their Alchemical Nature, as well as any crest, ridge, or frills. They have crocodilian like eyes with slitted pupils, typically green or yellow that glow when using their Heat Sight. Troglodytes also have short to long blunt snouts with large nostrils and large toothy mouths, with four clawed digits on both their hands and feet, and have fish like gills and fins, as well as other features determined by their Fury. Facial and body hair is extremely rare though some may have features resembling hair.

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