Twisted Tales


Nitroglycerin "Nitro" Kaboom (Zoe) F Bogglen Saboteur (Invention Controller)
Arvia Frai (Zoe) F Dwarf Archivist (Fate Defender)
Mamoru "Forest" Tadao (Jay) N Mononoke (Lupus Tribe, Fox) Druid (Primal Expert)
Sebastian (Jay) M Yaksha (Basta Tribe) Druid (Primal Expert)
Lloyd Eren (Omar) M Rakshasa (Zahak Tribe) Mystic (Dream Defender)
Wingback "An Imp Named Wingback" (Omar) M Imp Elementalist (Elemental Striker)
Pandora Ravenhaze (Gwen) F Jann Scoundrel (Thief) (Chance Expert)
Timrek “Froggy” Ribbet (Gwen) M Aditya (Yara Tribe) Paladin (Divine Striker, Heqet)
Lin (Ez) F Halfling (Sila/[Peri/Div/Dragon]) Champion (Honor Striker)
AN93L (Ez) M Gearling Dreadnought (Invention Striker)


Nosnehmij (The Labyrinth) A land of twists and turns where nothing is what it truly seems ruled over by the Goblin King, a Shade Beguiler named Jareth
The Forest Grimm (The Brothers Grimm’s Tales) A land of scattered settlements along the edge of, and sometimes within, a giant dark forest ruled over by a mad old story teller, simply known as Old Wilhelm
Waldungen (Snow White) A land of abundant resources with rich mines and lush woodlands bordering the Forest Grimm, ruled over by an evil queen adept in magic
Briarrose (Sleeping Beauty) A land of mischevious and vindictive fey who have enslaved the humans who once lived peaceful lives here, ruled over by the Fey Witch Maleficent
Antsunayab (Scheherazade’s Tales) A land of harsh elements and scattered kingdoms among the sands and coasts ruled over by the Evil Jinn Sorcerer Jafar
The Wilds of Ravenous Beasts (Jungle book, Lion King and other tales) A vast dangerous land of untamed wilderness ruled over by several warring beastly lords.
Deluvia (Neverending Story) A land of varied fantastical creatures and even more fantastical sites seemingly ruled over by a strange young child named Sebastian.
Kalmar (Hans Christian Andersen’s Tales) A coastal land of islands and fjords, with frigid winters and home to an adventerous seafaring people ruled over by a Grindylow Guhyaka Mystic named Ursula who rules the land from her kingdom under the sea.
Ridtin (Legend) A mystical land of extremes, with idyllic summerlike days and unforgiving winterlike nights where all manner of magical creatures call home ruled over by a Lemure Slayer known as the Darkness who wishes to turn his kingdom into a land of eternal night.


Lilyth (Damien) F Shadai Messenger (Summoner) (Cosmic Defender)
Chalice Van Hellsing (Kayli) F Halfling (Human/Elf) Rogue (Chance Controller)
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