Twisted Tales
Nitroglycerin "Nitro" Kaboom (Zoe) F Bogglen Saboteur (Invention Controller)
Mamoru "Forest" Tadao (Jay) N Mononoke (Lupus Tribe, Fox) Druid (Primal Expert)
Lilyth (Damien) F Shadai Messenger (Summoner) (Cosmic Defender)
Chalice Van Hellsing (Kayli) F Halfling (Human/Elf) Rogue (Chance Controller)
Lloyd Eren (Omar) M Rakshasa (Zahak) Mystic (Dream Defender)
Name (Gwen) F Jann Scoundrel (Thief) (Chance Expert)


Nosnehmij (The Labyrinth) A land of twists and turns where nothing is what it truly seems ruled over by the Goblin King, a Shade Beguiler named Jareth
The Forest Grimm (The Brothers Grimm’s Tales) A land of scattered settlements along the edge of, and sometimes within, a giant dark forest ruled over by a mad old story teller, simply known as Old Wilhelm
Waldungen (Snow White) A land of abundant resources with rich mines and lush woodlands bordering the Forest Grimm, ruled by an evil queen adept in magic
Briarrose (Sleeping Beauty) A land of mischevious and vindictive fey who have enslaved the humans who once lived peaceful lives here, ruled by the Fey Witch Maleficent
Antsunayab (Scheherazade’s Tales) A land of harsh elements ruled over by the Evil Jinn Sorcerer Jafar
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