Clan Type Plane Origin
Shadai Mortal Under World Asura
Goblin Mortal Under World Shadai
Bugbear Mortal Under World Shadai
Hob Mortal Under World Shadai
Bogglen Mortal Else World Goblin
Pooka Mortal Else World Bugbear
Spriggan Mortal Else World Hob
Bauchan Mortal Mirror World Goblin
Dhampir Mortal Mirror World Bugbear
Lampad Mortal Mirror World Hob


The Umbrals are one of the nine Tribes of Mortals created by the nine Clans of lesser Immortals in the final years of the Dawn War. The Shadais, the first of the Umbral Clans, were created by the Asura in Hades, the Celestial Echo of Death and Destruction, also known as the Under World or Shadow Blight. The Dawn War came to an abrupt end with an event that came to be known as the Sundering, when the first mortal was killed on the soil of the Natural World.

The Primal Spirits of the Ethereal Sea, the plane that connects all of the Worlds of the Celestial Opposition and is sometimes referred to as the Spirit World, tore through the Celestial Echos wailing a furious dirge, and unleashing their wrath. Everything changed in that moment including the Shadais, some became the first Shades, beings much more powerful than the Shadais they had been before. Others simply changed into something different than before, these were the first Goblins, Bugbears, and Hobs. Eventually some of the Shades became so powerful they began demanding tributes and worship, and they changed yet again, becoming the first Sluaghs, God like beings who now rule over the Under World. In there thirst for more power they sent their minions out to hunt and spy on neighboring Echoes.

Goblins, Bugbears, and Hobs sent to Limbo, the Celestial Echo of Chaos and Madness, also known as the Else World or Outer Verse, became the creatures now known as Bogglens, Pookas, and Spriggans. Those who were sent to Gehenna, the Celestial Echo of Fate and Time, also known as the Mirror World or Fate Watch, became the creatures now known as Bauchans, Dhampirs, and Lampads.

Religion: Many Umbrals choose to worship their Ancestors, leading to some of the more legendary ancestors ascending to godhood, becoming new Sluaghs. Some still worship the Celestials, the Creators of the beings who would eventually create their own creators. Others choose to worship the Primal Spirits, or other beings like the Primordials, the Old Ones, or Divinities.
Language: The Umbral language is descended from Celestial, which itself descended from Eternal, and all share the same glyphed alphabet. Shadai and Shade speak Umbral, while Goblins, Bugbears, and Hobs will typically speak Goblinoid, a less refined version of Umbral. The other Clans of Umbral tend to speak either.
Names: Umbral sounds like a mix of Slavonic, Greek, Celtic, and Aryan Languages, so names taken from those language groups are all appropriate. Surnames are typically two words combined that have significant meaning to that family, other times it could be your profession, or where you were born, or even parentage. Occasionally Umbrals will go by the Common pronunciation of their surname when not in their homelands.
Adventurers: Umbral adventurers typically do so out of desire for glory, power, or to just escape their current lives, some may do it because they have nothing else. Umbrals are known for being unorthodox and shifty making them somewhat untrustworthy companions.
Relations: Umbrals are long lived, though the nature of their societies means few live to see old age. They are deceitful and manipulative neighbors typically with a few exceptions. They tend to settle in places others might find foreboding, but they find beautiful, often looking to expand their power.
Shadai: They are a proud and spiteful people, preferring to bend others to their will. Their kingdoms are often remote and hidden, their neighbors often dreading to enter their lands only knowing of them through whispers and hushed tales told around the fire.
Goblin: They are a remarkably hardy race, capable of thriving where others could not, and can sometimes be found scavenging on the outskirts of other kingdoms, will often defend what they view as theirs with a maniacal zeal.
Bugbear: They prefer to be left alone to hunt those who stray into their remote wilderness locales, though they rarely raid their neighbors, they are highly aggressive defenders, viewing any who enter their territory as prey.
Hob: They are an interesting people, accustomed to labor, they will often seek out labor to be done and just start doing it, others will hire themselves out as mercenaries, making them highly advantageous neighbors unless angered, they care little for their borders, typically building their small kingdoms near others.
Bogglen: They tend to be a shy people using their powers to remain unseen, even building shrunken kingdoms making it easier to hide their presence, but can be quite dangerous when backed into a corner.
Pooka: They are somewhat sadistic and playfully cruel, often playing tricks on their neighbors that occasionally turn deadly leading many to avoid their lands.
Spriggan: They tend to be eccentric and prone to the occasional mishap, preferring to build their kingdoms in more defensible locations, but can be very helpful neighbors and great trade partners if treated fairly.
Bauchan: They are a calculating people, but can be rash at times, preferring to live away from their neighbors, only visiting neighboring kingdoms for sport, their territories often the source of many unexplained accidents among those who have entered.
Dhampir: They are often a grim and melancholy people, preferring to build their kingdoms in the dark dismal corners of the world, and often view their neighbors as things for them to exploit
Lampad: They are a beautiful deceptive people, often preying on neighboring kingdoms who are often unaware of their presence, dangerous to any who enter their territory

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