VILA (Small-Large Somnium [Dream World/Else World])

Defenses: Reflex
Skills: Acrobatics (Agl), Concentration (Sta), Endurance (Sta), Persuasion (Cha), Presence (Cha), Reaction (Agl)
Proficiencies: Mathematics, Build, Perform

All Senses: Far Sight (Senses, Dimensional 2 [The Celestial Harmony], Noticeable [Cloudy White Third Eyelid when using Far Sight], Sustained) [1]
Captivating Dance: You can impose some debilitating conditions on a target who can see your face by making a Court Attack. The target resists with Will defense, and if failed is inflicted with the Entranced and Fatigued, Compelled and Exhausted, or Controlled and then Incapacitated conditions per cumulative degrees of failure (Affliction 1, Extra Condition, Cumulative, Limited: Dance commands only, Sense Dependent [Visual, Must see face to be affected]) [1]
Restorative or Feather: A body fluid of your choice, chosen at creation, is restorative to others or wings that allow you to soar among the clouds (Healing 1, Energizing, Limited 1 [Others], Medium [A body fluid, chosen at creation, must be applied or consumed] or Flight 1 [Rank 0], Wings) [1]
Sound Mimicry: You can imitate almost any sound or voice you’ve heard (Feature [Mimicry] 1) [1]
Environmental Control: You can manipulate your environment in some way, but will react to your emotional extremes (Environment 1 [2PP], Quirk: Uncontrollably activates during moments of emotional extremes) [1]
Surreal Potential: 2 Power Points to spend on additional Powers, including mutations, which always affect your appearance and should have the Noticeable Flaw [2]
Longevity: Once you reach maturity you age at a slower rate, and have a longer lifespan. In addition, you gain Resistance against Aging effects (Immunity, Aging 1, Half Effect) [1/2]
Healthy: You almost never get sick. In addition, you gain Resistance against Disease effects (Immunity, Disease 1, Half Effect) [1/2]
Tainted by Terror: Choose a diet, your appearance and abilities are strongly dictated by what you eat [2]
Vila Nature: You must take an additional hubris at 1st level. The Power Point awarded by this hubris is already spent on racial abilities (Hubris) [-1]
Racial Edges [-2]

  • Quirk (Hair): If your hair is damaged or destroyed you lose your Captivating Dance and Sound Mimicry abilities until restored [-1]
  • Quirk (Infatuation): Once per day this quirk can be activated as if you had either the Hot-Headed, Obsessive, Star Crossed or Reverse Star Crossed Hubris [-1]

Variations: Some Huldas are more bizarre and startling than others, gaining an additional 1 power point to spend on Surreal Potential but also gain the negative Racial Edge below [0]

  • Benefit (Startling): You suffer -1 Disadvantage to interactions with creatures who are not from the Somnium Tribe [-1]

Languages: Common, Ogrik or Somnium [0]
Skills: 2 Heritage Ranks each to any 2 Affinity Skills available to this Clan [2]
Proficiencies: 2 Heritage Ranks each to any 2 Affinity Proficiencies available to this Clan [1]

Description: Vilas average between three and eight feet tall with wiry to brawny builds, and skin and hair shades much like humans, though some might even have shades of red, purple, blue, or green instead, and eye colors of blue, gray, green, red, amber, or yellow typically, that become cloudy white when using their Far Sight. Vilas have long flowing hair that seems to move about as if blowing in an unfelt breeze, and some might also have a set of feathery or insect like wings, and will sometimes have feathers covering other parts of their bodies. Vilas tend to have various features depending on their Surreal Potential. Appearance can vary drastically depending on the diet of a Vila. Maids tend to have skin of paler shades of the above with some having an otherworldly beauty and grace about them with non existent to average facial and body hair. Crones tend to have skin of darker shades with some having a more avian or bug like appearance both in face and body with non existent to average facial and body hair, but might have feathers or chitinous plates. Hags tend to have skin of very pale, almost sickly shades with all having a more monstrous appearance both in face and body, their hair becoming stringy and greasy with sparse to non existent facial and body hair, but could also be covered or at least partially covered in feathers or chitinous plates.

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