Clan Source Type Origin
Yurei Spirit Ancestor Primal Spirits
Mononoke Spirit Animal Primal Spirits
Mamono Spirit Animal Primal Spirits
Ayakashi Spirit Animal Primal Spirits
Kodama Spirit Plant Primal Spirits
Yosei Spirit Plant Primal Spirits
Nuno Spirit Plant Primal Spirits
Obake Spirit Nature Primal Spirits
Tama Spirit Hearth Primal Spirits
Gami Spirit Relic Primal Spirits


The Yokai are Spirits awakened by the Primal Spirits, or naturally awakened after having been named for one hundred years, or occasionally after common or powerful natural events, or through magic such as the Awakened Ritual. Though spirits have been around since the creation of the world, Awakened spirits, other than the Yurei, have not, only appearing after the event known as the Sundering. Yokai primarily reside in the Spirit World, the plane that connects all of the Worlds of the Celestial Opposition and is sometimes referred to as the Ethereal Sea. Yokai are typically awakened in areas the Primal Spirits wish to protect or where nature is out of balance.

The animal Spirit Yokai, Mononoke, Mamono, and Ayakashi, have much in common with the Lunael, and can be quite difficult to tell apart at times, the main difference is the Yokai’s devotion to nature. Some times you can even find Yokai and Lunael of the same Tribes living in the same community.

The plant Spirit Yokai, Kodama, Yosei, and Nuno and the nature Spirit Obake, are even more devoted to nature, and rarely leave their homes to venture out among the other Clans, and typically only live in cities if awakened there, or if the city was built up around them as is often the case with the Obake.

The final three awakened Spirits, the hearth Spirit Tama, the relic Spirit Gami, and the ancestor Spirit Yurei are more diverse and can be just as comfortable in a natural or urban setting depending on the location of their Spirit Domains.

Religion: Many Yokai choose to worship the Primal Spirits, with the Yurei leaning towards Ancestor worship, leading to some of the more legendary ancestors ascending to godhood, becoming something different depending on the Clan they were born. Some choose the Celestials, while others may choose to worship other beings like the Primordials, Divinities, or the Old Ones.
Language: The Yokei speak Celestial upon awakening, except the Yurei who speak the same languages they did in life. The Celestial language is descended from Eternal, and both share the same glyphed alphabet.
Names: Celestial sounds like a mix of Greek, Aryan, and Celtic Languages, so names taken from those language groups are all appropriate. Surnames are typically two words combined that have significant meaning to that family, other times it could be your profession, or where you awakened. Occasionally Yokais will go by the Common pronunciation of their surnames, sometimes even their given name, when not in their homelands.
Adventurers: Yokai adventurers are as diverse as the various Tribes. Some may be looking for adventure, some vengeance, some for completely different reasons all their own. Yokais are known for being devout and quite often versatile companions.
Relations: Yokais are mostly long lived compared to other Clans, but often vary wildly in their thoughts and desires depending on the Tribe. They tend to settle in wilder remote locations or wherever their Spirit Domain are, more and more are being awakened in larger, already cramped cities though.
Yurei: They do not build communities or settlements of their own, but will instead be found watching over their kin or a specific location.
Mononoke: They can vary drastically depending on the Tribe, though typically territorial and not afraid of a fight.
Mamono: They can vary drastically depending on the Tribe, with many being peaceful, while others can be more aggressive neighbors.
Ayakashi: They can vary drastically depending on the Tribe, but most are highly aggressive and territorial.
Kodama: They see themselves as protectors of the forest, and will go to great lengths to protect them.
Yosei: They can often be found tending and protecting wild gardens, often aggressively.
Nuno: They are the most likely to be found in an urban environment, but are equally comfortable in natural environments too.
Obake: While they do not form communities, sometimes their Spirit Domains may overlap with others, they will do anything to protect their Spirit Domains
Tama: Often found in urban environments, and although there may be many living in the same community, they rarely interact.
Gami: They can be found in the wild and wherever people are found, but rarely reveal themselves to others, preferring to live their lives quietly observing.

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